Can ideal dvd copy burn two more dvds to just one dvd disc?

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Can ideal dvd copy burn two more dvds to just one dvd disc?

Postby lucy » 21 Jul 2009, 16:26

Ideal DVD Copy can copy and burn any dvds, but it doesn't have re-join function. If you want to burn multiple dvds to one blank disc indeed, follow the steps below:

1.Use Ideal DVD Copy to copy all the DVDs to your hard drive first, then copied DVD don't have copy protection any more.
Step 1: Insert your dvd to your dvd drive
Step 2:Choose "To hard disk..." from the destination dropdown list, then a window will pop up. Please select a folder to store the copied DVD.
Step 3:Choose proper copy more
Step 4:Click Image to start copying.

2. Use a DVD re-author software like DVD shrink to re-join the copied DVDs.
Step 1: Image open DVD Shrink and click the Re-author button
Step 2: Find and select the DVD files you want to use. Double-click and open your hard disk, then locate the folder that you have the DVD files in and open that.
Step 3: Select any title you want and drag-and-drop it to the Re-authored DVD window in your left. DVD Shrink will analyse it. After you are finished with the first disc do the same for the other ones until you have moved all the titles you want in the DVD that you are going to author.
Step 4: Open the Compression settings tab and then select the first title (1). Remove any unwanted audio and subtitles (2) - I suggest you remove all, except one audio tracks if you are adding two movies in one DVD as the quality is going to be really bad if you keep them all. Also click Start-End (3) so that you can remove the credits, see below for details.
Step 5: This is only required if you are adding to movies into 1 disc in order to improve quality. Click the forward button (1) to remove any introduction screens and the backwards button (2) to remove all the credits and click OK.
Step 6: After you're done click the Backup button.
Step 7: Select the usual DVD Shrink settings. (1) The destination - I selected Hard disk folder, remember that you should have Nero installed in order to use burning or image creation. (2) The folder that you put the files into and (3) to create the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. Then click the Backup options tab.
Step 8: Make sure you select deep analysis if you have added two movies into a single disc in order to improve quality. Make sure all the settings are correct, click OK and you're done!
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