ideas collection for Ideal DVD Copy improvement

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Auto detect updation or manually?

1. Auto-detect the updation every time it opens, then automatically download and install
2. Detect and download all the updation only when you failed to copy a DVD
3. Detect and download the updation file just for the DVD only when you failed to copy it
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4. Add an option that is "Auto-detect updation when launching" in "Misc" section of configuration window. Thus user can uncheck that option to close this function at anytime he wants.
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5. Other idea. Please post you exact ideal here.
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ideas collection for Ideal DVD Copy improvement

Postby cloud » 02 Dec 2009, 04:58

Recently, we found more and more new DVDs have copy protection, so we need to update Ideal DVD Copy frequently and users need to download the new setup file manually. In order to let users know the updation as soon as possible, we want to improve Ideal DVD Copy, please let me know which idea of the above you like. Thanks.
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