DVDs that don't register

Here list the popular DVDs which have new protection and need the patch.

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DVDs that don't register

Postby peetaym » 31 Dec 2015, 18:58

I'm a proper newbie and can't quite see the information that I'm after....

I have two separate requests:-
1) When I use windows explorer to attempt to even open the UK version DVD of "Peter Kay's Car Share" the disc is never registered with windows (7 Ultimate) so there is no chance for me to even use the software to get the BUP files.
2) when I try to copy Red Dwarf series 4-8, also UK version, I can only ever copy the whole disc, it's not possible to select the individual episodes.

Any advice gratefully received
(and happy new year to all....)

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Re: DVDs that don't register

Postby Willer » 14 Jan 2016, 06:32

1)you can use our program to export bup: load the original DVD as source in our program and click the icon on the left top of the window of Ideal DVD Copy, then click "Export bup files" to export a .buz file and attach it to support@idealdvdcopy.com through email.

2)You can read http://www.idealdvdcopy.com/choose-copy-mode.htm to learn our copy mode, the forth "Selected episodes" or the second "Only the main movie" can select a title to copy. If your "the individual episodes" means a chapter in a main movie, I'm sorry, Ideal DVD Copy can not copy a part of a title..
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