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Why get pink screen for main movie

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2015, 09:46
by Willer
The pink screen is caused by a new kind of protection, such disc has the changable main movie title number, so if the title directing from main menu to main movie of the copied DVD is not right, you will get the pink screen(TIP: for this issue copy, if you manually choose the right main movie title to play in the player options, you can get main movie back ^_^).

Such kind of new protection disc has <...> in its volume name, and also has big source size.

This issue happened only when you use DVD Copy to copy and the copied DVD has the menu. If you copy main movie only, or if you use Ripper or Converter to convert main movie title, this issue will not happen.

Re: Why get pink screen for main movie

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2015, 09:47
by Willer
Generally if our program used the patch to copy, this issue seldom happens, because the patch fixed the main movie title number.

But if you get the pink screen, there are three reasons:
1)you used an old version of DVD Copy, you need to use the version newer than 4.3.0.
2)the program didn't use the right patch and finished the copying, for example, the program failed to access our server to download the patch we made.
3)in a few times, even if the program used the right patch, but the relevant data failed to be modified for some unknown reason.

Because the new protection is improved continually, to save your blank discs, we suggest the users copy DVD to hard drive first and playback the copied DVD on hard drive and check if it is ok, you can refer to , if ok, then burn from the copied DVD on hard drive(choose "From hard disk..." from the "source" dropdown list of our program and select the "VIDEO_TS" folder of the copied DVD on your hard drive as the source to burn).

If you met any problem like pink screen, not burn, please load the original disc as source and click the icon on the left top of the window of Ideal DVD Copy, then click "Export bup files" to export a .buz file and send it to us for help. And also load the copied DVD in problem as source and export its .buz file to us. After we receive these files, we can help you solve the pink screen or other problem.

If you already met the pink screen problem, please follow the above to export the relevant files to us for help. It is better to send the email to .

Re: Why get pink screen for main movie

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2015, 09:53
by Willer
In addition, if you use mac dvd copy to copy the full disc of this new protection DVD like Mockingjay, please do copy to hard drive first, and then send us VIDEO_TS.IFO of the copied DVD on hard drive, we need to modify some data manually, then send back to you some files to overwrite the copied dvd files, then you can burn to get a correct copy, or else you will meet pink screen, mac dvd copy can not directly auto-modify the menu data by the patch at present.

But if you copy main movie only, this pink screen will not happen, no need to do the above operation.