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How to get louder audio volume in the ripped file ?

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2009, 02:38
by lucy
Do you get low audio problem when playing the ripped file, especially on psp? However, the file can be played well on computer, and psp is in good condition too. Never mind, Ideal dvd to psp converter can help you to fix this problem.

1. Find the configuration button on the main window of Ideal DVD to psp converter), click "General" tab and you will get the following window.

2. Pay attention to the last option on that page "Volume". Original means it will keep the same audio volume as the original DVD when ripping. If you think it is low, you may check "x2" , or even higher. Note: the higher the volume, the higher the noise. Usually X2 is proper. You may have a try. ;)