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Avi converter issue

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2010, 01:46
by swpost1
I have had puzzeling issues with .AVI converting of IKKI_TOUSEN disk 1.

(1) first your DVD copier works, BUT the resulting DVD kills your .AVI converter!
(2) I am given multiple puzzeling titles to select: [11] thru [50] or 39 total.
the movie play time is 2:55 and only 1 failure title is that lenght. By failure
I mean it is incomplete and scenes are mixed up or repeated vs playing the
copy or the original.
(3) First I hoped that the copy I made would seamlessly convert to .AVI for
space saving on my laptop; but no luck the converter either crashes,
gives an unreadable file or crashes my whole system.

I hope another update(s) is planned to fix these issues!


Re: Avi converter issue

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2010, 04:11
by cloud
I'm sorry for this issue. Please first play the copied files made by Ideal DVD Copy and let me know if it everything is OK, I mean if the main movie are in right order. If you backed up it with "entire disc" mode, please check if the menu and extras are OK.

Then please help me do the following things to find out the issue:
1> Reboot your computer. Open Ideal DVD Copy, insert the original DVD into your DVD drive, then click Image, click "Export bup files" and then you will get a .buz file. Rename it as xxx_original.buz and save it to your desktop.
2> Click "From hard drive" from the source dropdown list of Ideal DVD Copy, then choose the VIDEO_TS folder of the copied DVD on your hard drive as the source. Then click "Export bup files" to get another .buz file. Rename it as xxx_copied.buz and save it to your desktop too.
3> Run Ideal DVD to avi converter, click "File"->"Export log", then you will get a .iba file. Save it to your desktop too.
4> Attach the above files in your email and send them to, we'll help you and try to fix it as soon aspossible.


Re: Avi converter issue

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2010, 04:13
by cloud
In adition, have you tried to use Ideal DVD to Avi converter to rip just from the original DVD?