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How to register Ideal Blu-ray Copy?

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2011, 06:34
by cloud
Why I can't find the "Register" window?

Ideal Blu-ray copy use online registration and verifying.
First, ensure your computer is connected to internet.
Second, make sure your anti-virus or firewall didn't block it. We found some anti-virus, such as Kaspersky, F-secure will block Ideal Blu-ray Copy to access internet.

The above two factors can cause the issue that you can't find the register window and can't copy any blu ray disc. To solve this issue, you may try the following:
1. Check the network, visit a website to see if you can open it. If yes, that means the network is OK.
2. Add Ideal Blu-ray Copy to the trusted program list of your anti-virus. For Kaspersky, you may refer to viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5635 to learn how to set. For other anti-virus, if you don't know how to configure it, just tell us the exact name (a direct download link will be more helpful) and version number, we'll try it and give you exact instruction soon.

The temporary method is stopping the protection of your anti-virus when using Ideal Blu-ray Copy.
Don't worry, the program is completely developed by us, it won't and really doesn't include any virus.