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Must I connect to internet to use Ideal Bluray Copy?

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2011, 07:43
by cloud
Yes, you do. Ideal Blu-ray Copy use online registration and using. You must ensure your computer is connected to internet then you can activate Ideal Blu-ray Copy and copying your blu-ray discs.

If your internet connection is OK, but you still can't activate our program, check your anti-virus or firewall software settings, add IdealBDCopy.exe (the default is under C:\Program Files\IdealBDCopy\IdealBDCopy.exe) to the white list or trusted program list of them, then re-open Ideal Blu-ray Copy to try again. If you don't know how to figure this out, tell us the name and version number of your anti-virus or firewall software. A direct download link to it will be more helpful, then we'll give you a guide to work this out.

The following thread is a guide about how to set Kaspersky to let Ideal Blu-ray Copy run.

Must I connect to internet to use Ideal Bluray Copy

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2016, 17:17
by Heroweb44
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