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Re: Help Advice and or consideration For Future Releases

Postby cloud » 10 Nov 2011, 14:21

skorpio19 wrote:
cloud wrote:Sorry, the burning engine we used are authorized by VSO and Starburn, we can't add "Data certification" in it. But we'll contact our provider to ask if they have this

ok how about as a work around you allow us to make 4.7 Gb dvd iso's. Right now the iso gets the entire size of the disk. but if we could get a shrunken iso that would fit on a 4.7 dvd-r then we could use a secondary program like imgburn to burn and verify the disk. it adds an extra step for us, but would allow us to know our backup was flawless.

Ideal DVD Copy can shink a dvd directly to a 4.7GB disc, then it should also can shrink a dvd to iso file. Have you tried? If our program didn't prompt you to shrink, please click the icon on the left top corner of Ideal DVD Copy main form, then click "Export log file" menu, send the exported file to, we'll analyze it and check what's wrong. Thanks.
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