Can we put in input for how this program works

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Re: Can we put in input for how this program works

Postby cloud » 16 Nov 2011, 06:45

Yes, on some occasions, Ideal DVD Copy really works like what you said.

When copying to hard drive, if you choose "only the main movie" mode, after the copying completed, it won't change to the default mode "Entire disc", unless you change it manually or eject the disc. Why did we design it like this? Because we think we should remember the user's last operation. And for some dvds with complex structure, it needs some time to parse the main movie, if we remembered the user's last copy mode, then he can continue to copy another title more easily, needn't parse the DVD again. But of course, if he ejected the disc, there's no need to keep the copy mode of the disc, so the copy mode will change to the default.

As for burning speed, it is controled by "Preferred burning speed" option you set on the "burning" tab of "Configuration" window, once you chose a speed, it will use the same or the similar speed as you set to burn all the blank medias.
If you want to set the burning speed every time, just check the option "Choose burning speed, volume name and number of copies before burning",
then every time, the program goes into the burning process, it will first popup a window like following for you to select the speed of the blank dvd.
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