Do I need other DVD decrypters when using Ideal DVD Software

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Do I need other DVD decrypters when using Ideal DVD Software

Postby cloud » 08 Aug 2011, 02:58

Or can Ideal DVD Copy and converters remove copy protection in source DVD when copying and ripping?

All programs of Ideal DVD Software, including Ideal DVD Copy, blu-ray Copy, dvd to ipod/psp/ipad/avi/mp4 converter, can decrypt DVD alone, they will automatically remove the copy protection when copying or ripping, and the ripped file doesn't have protection any more.
You don't need other DVD decrypters at all. On the contrary, they can conflict with our program to decrypt.

Our support team found many users ran other decrypters such as DVD43, AnyDVD, DVDfabpasskey etc in the background when using Ideal DVD Software, which caused a failure ripping. So if you also have installed other decrypter, please quit them before opening Ideal DVD Software. And those decrypers should be all background running software, you may check the right corner of your screen if there's a icon of it, then right click it and close it. Or just go to the task manager to close the proccess of it.
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