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Why get "cannot create DVD Folder"?

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2015, 02:17
by Willer
If you copied from drive to drive or drive to ISO, It is because our program failed to write data to the temp folder, you can click the third "Configuration" button in the left bottom corner of the main window, then click "Misc" tab->Temporary folder to change to other drive for try, or fix the writing privilege of the current temp folder. Hope for good news.

If you copied from drive to hard disk, It is because our program failed to write data to the destination folder, it happened usually because you don't have the privilege to write anything to the destination drive. You can check and correct it. Or choose other drive for the destination.

If still any problem, please click the icon on the left top of the window of Ideal DVD Copy, then click "Export log file" to export IdealDVDCopy.ilz and attach it to us.

if you used an external drive as the destination, after check that the connection and the writing privilege is ok, you can re-make the seletion(sometimes, the drive volume for the external drive is changed).

if you used a network drive as destination, please make sure you have the privilege to write data, and you can try to map network drive: open a folder on your computer, then click "Tools"->"Map Network Drive...", then find your network drive by Browse... button beside Folder:, then check "Reconnect at logon", then click "Finish" button to save. Then choose the mapped drive as destination.(or if you already mapped the network drive, you could try to re-map it.)